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Nordvest Afrika 2011
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Fisheries research and fisheries management


Cooperation period: 3 years (after Land to Land agreement has been signed)
Status: Discussion phase
Purpose: Cooperation in fisheries research and management, with increased focus on management.
Cooperating partners: To be defined
Project title: To be defined
Contact person: Hans Erstad


Cooperation period: 2009 – 2013
Status: Ongoing
Purpose: Fisheries research: Assistance in shrimp stock assessment
Fisheries management: Coastal zone management; courses; MCS; long-term advisor (implementation of Fisheries Master Plan); value chain analysis; fisheries control/patrol vessel
Aquaculture: planning of an aquaculture station
Cooperating partners: Ministry of Fisheries, Mozambique, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Maputo
Project title: Assistance to the fisheries sector of Mozambique
Contact person: Åsmund Bjordal


Cooperation period: 2012 – 2013
Status: Ongoing
Purpose: The project aims at providing research survey data on the distribution and density of coastal fish species along the whole Red Sea Coast and involved a strong knowledge transfer component to local counterparts
Cooperating partners: Institute of Marine Research, Norway, Marine Fisheries Administration, Republic of Sudan, Red Sea Fisheries Research Institute University of Red Sea State, Republic of Sudan, UNIDO ( United Nations)
Project title: Surveys of renewable marine resources in the Red Sea State, Republic of Sudan
Contact person: Erik Olsen / Bjørn Erik Axelsen
More information:  Survey of renewable marine resources in the Red Sea State


Cooperation period: 2006 – 2013
Status: Finished
Purpose: Building competence in the fields of fisheries management (including stock assessment) and aquaculture aiming at sustainable development of Indonesian marine resources.
Cooperating partners: Institute of Marine Research, Norway, Indonesian Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
Project title: Development cooperation on Capacity Building in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture
Contact person: Kathrine Michalsen
More information: Marine Research News


Cooperation period: 2013 – 2016
Status: Planning phase
Purpose: Transfer of know-how and technology to ensure a sustainable utilization of the marine fisheries resources in Adaman Sea, Thailand
Cooperating partners: Institute of Marine Research, Norway, Department of Fisheries, Thailand
Project title:Towards an assessment-based management of the Andaman Sea Fishery Resources
Contact person: Kathrine Michalsen
More information:


Cooperation period: 2008 – 2012
Status: Ongoing (extended until 2014)
Purpose: Sustainable utilisation of marine living resources in the waters of Mauritius
Cooperating partners: Institute of Marine Research, Norway, Ministry of Agro Industry and Fisheries, Mauritius
Project title: Combating Illegal Fishing, Marine Resources Management and Strengthening Quality Control of Fish Products
Contact person: Jens-Otto Krakstad
More info/related news: Fish pot for Mauritius

Sri Lanka

Cooperation period: 2012 – 2014
Status: Ongoing
Purpose: - To improve the nutritional status and food security of the people by increasing the national fish production;
- To minimize post-harvest losses and improve quality and safety of fish products to acceptable standards;
- To increase employment opportunities in fisheries and related industries and improve the socio-economic status of the fisher community;
- To increase foreign exchange earnings from fish products;
- To conserve the coastal and aquatic environment.
Cooperating partners: Institute of Marine Research, Norway, National Aquatic Research and Development Agency (NARA), Sri Lanka
Project title: Sri Lanka-Norway bilateral program on Sri Lanka fisheries and Aquaculture sectors
Contact person: Jens-Otto Krakstad


Cooperation period: 2009 – 2015
Status: Finished
Purpose: Identify and describe possible trends in ocean climate and corresponding changes in marine biodiversity and fisheries in the Benguela current system.
Cooperating partners: Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa (DAFF), Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa  (DEA), National Marine Information and Research Centre, Namibia (NatMIRC), Instituto Naçional de Investigação Pesqueira (National Institute of Fisheries Research), Angola (INIP) and Institute of Marine Research, Norway (IMR)
Project title: NansClim - Climate Effects on Biodiversity, Abundance and Distribution of Marine Organisms
Contact persons: Harald Loeng and Erling Kåre Stenevik
More information: Marine Research News and NansClim