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Dr. Fridtjof Nansen
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The Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries

The Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries (CDCF) at IMR shall work globally to contribute to development of competence and capacity for ecosystem management of human activities I aquatic ecosystems. The main goal is to increase food security and fight poverty.

The overall objectives are to transfer competence on areas where Norwegian governmental institutions have special expertise and technological knowledge. In collaboration, we can assist with developing countries to improve the outcome of their living aquatic resources in a sustainable way by:

  • Supporting institutions and capacity building in counties and regions that ask our expertise
  • Developing systems for collecting data, quality assurance of data and making them available for management purposes.
  • Establishing relations between data flow and competence building.

CDCF shall deliver knowledge to:

  • develop scientific investigations and assist to carry out cruises where needed
  • apply data in a good way in science and management
  • develop knowledge on aquatic flora and fauna in general
  • develop knowledge on production in aquaculture in a sustainable way
  • develop knowledge on how human impact (fisheries, aquaculture, industry) may influence aquatic ecosystems


P.O. Box 1870 Nordnes
NO-5817 Bergen

Phone: +47 55 23 85 00
Fax: + 47 55 23 85 79
E-mail: post@imr.no  
Street address: Strandgaten 196

Contact person:
Reidar Toresen
Director of CDCF