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Marine Mammals

This group performs research primarily on:

  • harp seals, hooded seals, harbour seals and grey seals
  • minke whales and other important whale species
  • the population biology and nutritional ecology of the most important species

The objective of the Marine mammals research group is to continue to develop methodology for, and to routinely update, the basis for provision of advice regarding the management of seals and whales (numbers, productive capacity, and ecological importance), concentrating on species that are harvested or that are important links in marine ecosystems.

The group’s advice will be based on biomass measurement, ongoing investigations of production potential and stock structure, and monitoring and quantification of spatial distribution, diet, consumption and condition of seals and whales. Interactions with fisheries, including bycatch, will be mapped out, and the uncertainty in estimates will be quantified.


Marine Mammals - IMR report
OceanLife - Guide to the Marine Mammals of the world
ICES - International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
IWC - International Whaling Commission
NAMMCO - The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission





Marine Mammals