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The main activities for The Institute of Marine Research are monitoring, research and advice. Research vessels, laboratories and research stations are used to collect data used as basis for research and scientific advice.

The research is carried out in thematic research groups that deliver results to the institutes research and advisory programs.

The research and advisory programs are responsible for delivering advice to the authorities, the industry and the society in general. These programs should also identify new scientific challenges that are to be solved in the research groups.

The close connection between collecting of data, research and advice creates great opportunities to reach the goal of improving…

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Research data

The Institute of Marine Research continuously collects large amounts of data from all Norwegian seas. Data are collected using vessels, observation boyos, manual measurements, gliders – amongst others.

The Norwegian Marine Data Centre was established as a national data centre for handling of marine environmental- and fish data, and to present data products. The group’s main activity is to collect secure quality and store all of the data on marine environment and fish and make the data available for scientists.


The Chemistry Laboratory

Institute of Marine Research has several analytical laboratories.
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Marbank is a national marine biobank coordinating a network of marine collections in Norway. The mission of Marbank and the network is to provide national and international academia and industry with easy access to marine biodiversity, its associated data and extractable products.
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