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ESSAS Structure

Established in 2005 as a Regional Program within GLOBEC, ESSAS continued under GLOBEC until that project was terminated at the end of 2009. ESSAS then joined IMBER as one of its Regional Program.

ESSAS is guided by a Scientific Steering Committee and the science is conducted through ESSAS Working Groups, National Programmes, Multinational Programmes and Endorsed Programmes.

The intergovernmental scientific organizations of PICES in the Pacific and ICES in the Atlantic have been supportive of ESSAS activities including co-sponsoring with ESSAS symposia, theme sessions, and workshops. Both organizations have also funded some of their members to attend annual ESSAS meetings or activities.

The Research Council of Norway and the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen Norway shared the cost of operating an ESSAS Project Office in Bergen from 2008-2012.  Presently administrative help is provided by the IMBER IPO in Bergen.

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ESSAS structure - Acronyms and Links

Contact Us

For any questions about ESSAS or further information please contact any of the
ESSAS Co-chairs

Ken Drinkwater
Institute of Marine Research
Bergen, Norway

Franz Mueter
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Alaska, USA

Sei-Ichi Saitoh
Hokkaido University
Hakodate, Japan