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2017 ESSAS Open Science Meeting

The ESSAS Open Science Meeting is being held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Tromsø, Norway from 11-15 June, 2017. The overall theme of the Meeting is Moving in, out, and across Arctic and Subarctic Marine Ecosystems: Shifting Boundaries of Water, Ice, Flora, Fauna, People and Institutions.


The meeting begins on Sunday 11 June with 4 workshops. These are:

WKS1 – Paleo-Ecology of Subarctic and Arctic Seas (PESAS) Planning Workshop
WKS2 – Climate change impacts on nearshore fish habitats in the Arctic
WKS3 – Using natural analogues to investigate the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on northern ecosystems
WKS4 – Arctic and sub-Arctic climate change impacts: a transdisciplinary perspective

The main meeting begins on Monday 12 June and runs until Thursday 15 June. It is organized around 9 Theme Sessions. These are:

S1 – Paleo-Ecology
S2 – Advection and mixing and their ecosystem impacts
S3 - Timing/phenology and match-mismatch: are they critical issues?
S4 – Shifting habitats, persistent hot spots, and the distribution of benthos, plankton, fish, seabirds and marine mammals - observations, models, mechanisms and effects
S5 – Subarctic and Arctic Marine Ecosystems under Climate Change
S6 – Multiple Stressors
S7 – Ocean Acidification
S8 – Science, Policy and Management
S9 – General Open Session

Important Dates

11 Jun 2017: Workshops
12-15 Jun 2017: Open Science Meeting

The conference dinner

Sign up for the Conference dinner to be held on Wednesday 14 June at the beautiful town of Hella outside of Tromsø The cost is 800 NoK.  A bus will take us there (approximately 45 minutes) and back. Food and 2 free drink tickets will be provided.  Space is limited as only 120 maximum are allowed.  You can sign up and pay at

Venue and Accommodation

The meeting will take place at The Radisson Blu Hotel in Tromsø.
Address:    Sjogata 7
P.O. Box 928N-9259
Tromsø, Norway



Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers


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