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What can be covered?

The network allocates 550 000 NOK (approx 70 000 Euro) annually to provide funding for its members to/for:

- arrange, and participate in, network scheduled meetings

- initiate minor workshops on network-related issues initiated

- hold meetings to initiate joint applications within the network

- travel and accommodation when visiting other members of the network

- travel and accommodation when visiting other colleagues in connection with work on network related issues (and vice versa)

- expenses related to master- and PhD- students and Postdocs associating into the network, and to further cover expenses for short courses, meetings and visits to other network members. Note that the application must be sent from a member.

- participate in conferences, when representing the network, or presenting work conducted within the frame of the network

How to get funding

There is no need for members to apply for funding for participating in scheduled meetings.

In order to apply for funding a member should send a short application to the network leader (Jan Erik Stiansen). The application should be no more than 1 page (preferable 0.5 page) and very shortly describe:
-The purpose of the meeting/workshop/visit etc
-Name of persons included
-Roughly estimated budget

The expenses will be refunded, preferably by invoice from the institute, or by travel bill directly to Jan erik Stiansen.The network leader also asks for a short report afterwards, preferable including a picture, describing the outcome and name of the persons included.