Hopp til hovedteksten
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Storm postpones our research activities

It is Sunday morning and hardly anybody is up. We had a storm this morning which prevented all research activities. Even if the wind has dropped now the ship still rolls a lot. 

Picture above: We had a storm this morning and had to postpone all research activities.

Right now anything that is not secured slides around on tables and floors. I have to grab for my notebook, pens, and memory cards which I need to write this entry in the cruise journal to prevent them from ending up on the floor. The memory card reader stays on the desk only because it is attached to the USB connection on my laptop. Even my chair slides back and forth with the movements of the ship. Mostly, I manage to stop the movement by holding on to the desk, but once the chair and I ended up over by the door four meters from the desk. I have now secured the chair to the desk. In the first officer’s cabin, however, a chair hit the door which such force that a part of the door flew off and ended up in the staircase on the other side of the hallway.

The escape hatch flew off when a chair hit the door of the first officers cabin.

That we would have nice weather for the entire cruise was probably too much to hope for. We have been heading east toward Bouvet Island since we left South Georgia Wednesday morning. The distance between the two islands is about 1400 nautical miles. But we will make several detours to do research. Right now G.O. Sars is heading south and we will get quite a bit closer to the South Pole before turning north and aiming for Bouvet Island.

The rhythm of work has also changed. When we were in the vicinity of South-Georgia there was almost constant activity. The research stations are now about a day or so apart. Usually, we have reached the chosen coordinates for the research stations late at night or early in the morning. Some of the cruise participants have started doing two six hours shifts every 24 hours. This ensures sufficient manpower also at night to do the necessary work at the research stations. Most of us still work during the day and at night when needed.

We have now set course for Bouvet Island after spending about a week i the waters around South Gerogia.

Yesterday we arrived at a research station around two in the morning which we finished with trawling around breakfast. Early this morning we arrived at the coordinates for the next research station but wind and waves made it impossible to deploy any of the gear. Right now we are heading slowly south, just waiting for the wind force to decrease so that we can resume the research activities.

Einar, Merete, Thor and Georg playing yatzy.