Hopp til hovedteksten
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A stone's throw away from the Bouvet Island

The research team on the Bouvet Island had lost their internet connection and needed a data file to restore it. The file was downloaded on the G.O. Sars, burned on a CD and delivered on the beach with an ice-cream cake, chocolates and some other snacks. 

The zodiac was deployed to deliver the datafile and some snacks to the research team.

Kjetil Veivåg throws a line to the researchers on the beach.

- We would love an ice-cream cake, Martin said over the short wave radio. The Swede and the other four researchers on the island had actually talked about ice-cream yesterday and how good that would taste. This on an island almost completely covered by glaciers and with summer temperatures barely above freezing. 

After which the researchers can pull in the waterproofed box.

It was later reported that the researchers on the Bouvet Island were very happy to get the delivery. We are happy to be of assistance. Hope you enjoyed the ice-cream cake, that you are online again, and that you are able to read this.