Hopp til hovedteksten
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Impacts on fish

Changes in ocean currents and temperature affect biology on every level of the food chain.


Adult cod feed during summer and fall in the Barents Sea. Spawning migration starts during winter and the cod spawn at several locations along the Norwegian Coast. The offsprings drift back to growth area, where the juveniles settle close to the seabed after 6-8 months.During warm periods the spawners aggregate farther north, while the opposite behaviour occurs during cold periods. 

During a warm period of the 1920s adult cod moved northeast. Similar changes are expected if the recent warming continues.


In the mid 1960s spawning biomass of herring decreased due to fisheries and a cooler climate. This resulted in major changes in the location of feeding, overwintering and spawning grounds.


Capelin distribution has recently expanded north with a retreating ice.