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Distribution  2014
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Facts about Bluefin tuna

Latin name: Thunnus thynnus 
Spawning area: Warm waters (> 24 °C) on specific and limited locations in the Mediterranean around the Balearic Islands, Sicily, Malta, Cyprus, and Libya.
Juvenile feeding area: Mediterranean Sea, coast of Portugal and Bay of Biscay
Adult feeding area: North-Atlantic Ocean, including Norwegian coast and Norwegian Sea
Maximum size: 3.3 m / 725 kg
Life span: 40 years
Diet: Zooplankton and small fish as juveniles; mature fish prey on schooling fish such as mackerel, herring, blue whiting, sand lance and sprat, in addition to squid species.

Status, advice and fisheries

Stock status of East Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna indicate that there is no overfishing. 

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