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Greenland halibut
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Greenland halibut

Advice 2014: below 15 000 tonnes landings
Advice 2013: below 15 000 tonnes landings
Agreed TAC 2013: 19 000 tonnes landings


Status of the NEA Greenland halibut stock is not evaluated in view of reference points at the moment, and catch rates are unknown.  Trends in estimated total biomass have been moderately positive since catches were down-regulated in 1992, but increase in spawning stock biomass is not apparent. Landings in 2012 (20 079 tonnes) were 11 % over the agreed quota of 18000 tonnes.

Stock status

There are signs that the regulations of the last two decades have improved the status of the stock, and measures should be taken to maintain the positive trends. ICES recommends catches not to exceed 15 000 tonnes, as a precautionary approach. This is close to average catch the later years.

IMR comment

Norwegian fisheries independent data (survey) show moderate positive trend in this stock the 10-15 years, but analytical assessment is temporarily abandoned due to problems in age reading. Considerable advancement in age reading methodology has been achieved and new age reading methods can now be used, but time series have to be re-established before the results can be implemented. ICES plans a special meeting (Benchmark) for Greenland halibut in the North Atlantic in 2013. Effort is now being made to rethink and upgrade stock assessment methods before this meeting. 

Landings of Northeast Atlantic Greenland halibut

The figure shows landings of Northeast Atlantic Greenland halibut in the period 1964-2012.