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Norwegian coastal cod north of 62° N

Advice 2014: Follow the rebuilding plan
Advice 2013: Follow the rebuilding plan
Agreed TAC 2013 : 21 000 tonnes

The survey indicates that the spawning stock is close to its lowest value. Recruitment has remained low in recent years. Fishing mortality appears variable without a clear trend since 2000.

Management advice

ICES advises on the basis of the Norwegian rebuilding plan which requires the 2013 autumn survey results that will be available in December. If the spawning-stock index in the 2013 autumn survey is lower than the index in 2012, the fisheries regulations should aim at a reduction of F in 2014 of at least 45% relative to 2009. If the survey index is higher than in 2012, the plan stipulates the measures taken in 2013 should continue in 2014.

Comments by IMR

Coastal cod north of 62˚ N is a complex of local/regional components. It is a great challenge to identify and protect those components that are in the poorest state.

Key numbers

Critical spawning stock (Blim) = Not defined
Precautionary spawning stock (Bpa) = Not defined
Critical fishing mortality (Flim) = Not defined
Precautionary fishing mortality (Fpa) = Not defined
Agreed fishing mortality: stepwise reductions until rebuilding target is reached

Norwegian costal cod: recruitment and landings

Fishing mortaity and spawning biomass

From top: Estimated catches (tonnes). Open columns are commercial catch, shaded columns are assumed amounts of recreational and tourist catches. Second from top: recruitment index, age 2. Lower: Fishing mortality from various sources. Lowest: Relative estimates of spawning biomass.