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Photo: MAREANO, Havforskningsinstituttet
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North Sea Saithe

Advice for 2011: 103 000 tonnes landings
Advice for 2010: 118 000 tonnes landings
TAC for 2010: 118 000 tonnes landings

Summary of ICES advice, June 2010 for saithe in the North Sea, Skagerrak og west of Scotland: 

Stock satus

No new stock assessment was done this year, partly due to missing Norwegian surveys and partly due to missing data from France. Predictions were made based on last year’s assessment. This indicates that the stock is within precautionary boundaries.

Management advice

The management plan and MSY considerations both corresponds to human consumption landings of 103 000 tonnes in 2011. Discards are considered to be minor and are not included in the calculations.

Key numbers

Critical spawning stock(Blim) = 106 000 tonnes
Føre-var-nivå for gytebestand (Bpa) = 200 000 tonnes
Critical fishing mortalitysnivå (Flim) = 0,6
Føre-var-nivå for fiskedødelighet (Fpa) = 0,4
Expected fishing mortality in 2010 (F) = 0,29
Expected spawning stock in 2011 = 223 000 tonnes






Facts about Saithe in the North Sea, Skagerrak, and West of Scotland

Latin name: Pollachius virens
Family: Cod family (Gadidae)
Maximum size: 130 cm and 22 kg
Lifespan: can become 23 years
Distribution: North Sea / Skagerrak
Spawning area: Edge of the Continental Shelf from west of Shetland to Viking Bank
Spawning season: February to March
Diet: Juveniles eat mainly krill. Adults eat mostly fish.

Saithe in the North Sea

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