Hopp til hovedteksten
European Plaice (North Sea)
Photo: Ingunn E. Bakketeig
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North Sea Plaice

Advice 2011: 64 200 tonnes landings
Advice 2010: 63 800 tonnes landings
Agreed TAC 2010: 63 800 tonnes landings

Summary of ICES advice, June 2010 for plaice in the North Sea:

Stock satus

The stock is well within precautionary boundaries.

Harvest control rule

There is an EU mangement plan that is not formally agreed by Norway. ICES is evaluating the plan.

Management advice

Following the transition scheme towards the ICES MSY framework results in 64 200 t human consumption landings in 2011 and expected discards of 41 700 t. Within the Precautionary Approach human consumption landings up to 144 000 t could be taken in 2011.

Comments by Institute of Marine Research (IMR)

IMR supports the advice given by ICES.

The Precautionary Approach F is rather high for this stock (0.60). The transition scheme towards the ICES MSY framework results in considerably lower F (0,23). This gives lower landings in in 2011, but will ensure larger stock and higher landings in the long term.

Key numbers

Critical spawning stock(Blim) = 160 000 tonnes
Precautionaryl spawning stock(Bpa) = 230 000 tonnes
Critical fishing mortality (Flim) = 0,74
Precautionaryl fishing mortality (Fpa) = 0,60
Expected fishing mortality in 2010: F = 0,24
Expected spawning stock in 2011: 482 000 tonnes




Fakta om rødspette

Scientific name: Pleuronectes platessa
Family: Pleuronectidae (flounder family)
Maximum size: 1 m and 7 kg (Seldom more than 40 cm and 0.5 kg in the North Sea; females grow much faster than males and reach larger sizes)
Maturation: Usually occurs at 2-3 years of age, and later for females than for males.
Lifespan: 20 years
Spawning area: Central and southern North Sea
Spawning season: January–February
Diet: Benthic


European Plaice (North Sea)

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