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Deep-sea redfish - Sebastes mentella
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Deep-sea redfish - Sebastes mentella

Recommended TAC 2011: Protection of juveniles, no directed trawl fishery and low bycatch limits
Recommended TAC 2010: Same as for 2011
Agreed TAC 2010 for directed fisheries in international waters: 8 600 tons

The 2009 data (landings and survey) do not change the perception of the stock in the Barents Sea and Svalbard area. Therefore, the advice for this fishery in 2011 is the same as the advice given in 2009 for the 2010 fishery.

Due to recruitment failure in the year classes 1996-2005, ICES considers it necessary to protect the spawning biomass since very few new mature individuals will enter the stock for at least the next 12-15 years. An 0-group survey indicates improved recruitment of 0-group from 2007 to 2010, but also indicates lower values of the 2008 year class.

A pelagic fishery, for Sebastes mentella, has developed in the Norwegian Sea outside EEZs since 2004. This fishery is managed by the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC), and during its 28th annual meeting in November 2009 the Commission adopted by consensus a TAC for 2010 of 8 600 t. Other catches of S. mentella, are taken as by-catches in other fisheries

Bestanden av snabeluer har en vid utbredelse i Barentshavet og Norskehavet, og for å kunne beregne hele bestanden er det viktig at hele utbredelsesområdet, både ved bunn og pelagisk, blir dekket med koordinerte tokter. En pålitelig beregning av bestanden er helt avhengig av at alle som fisker på denne ressursen rapporterer komplett og detaljert fangstinformasjon. Et kombinert trål- og akustikk tokt i Norskehavet i 2008 og 2009 viser konsistente resultat og kan vurderes benyttet som en biomasseindeks.

In order to assess the state of the stock, it is necessary that the whole distribution area of S. mentella in Areas I and II is surveyed, both the pelagic and the demersal components. Coordinated pelagic and demersal surveys should be continued.

Management advice

ICES advises that there should be no directed trawl fishery on Sebastes mentella in Subareas I and II in 2011. Area closures should be maintained and by-catch limits should be as low as possible until a significant increase in the spawning-stock biomass (and a subsequent increase in the number of juveniles) has been verified.


Deep-sea redfish, Sebastes mentella, in the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea. Total international landings (‘000 tons).