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Reports - 2015

Health monitoring of anadromous salmonids from western Norway (IMR-report no. 7-2015)

The aim of the current program is to investigate the occurrence and distribution of SAV and PRV infections in returning Atlantic salmon originated from Vosso and
Dale rivers located in the Osterfjord, western Norway.
2015.01.01 01:00

Antarctic Krill and ecosystem monitoring survey at South Orkney Islands in 2015 (Report from IMR no. 9-2015)

This report presents the results from the fifth of the annual survey seasons (2015) off the South Orkney Islands including results from continuously recorded acoustic data, krill predator sighting data collected during daylight hours along the transects and trawl station data. The krill fishing vessel “Juvel” (Olympic ASA) was used for the present survey.

2015.06.24 12:00

Detecting and tracing farmed salmon with natural geo-element otolith ‘fingerprint’ tags (Rapport fra Havforskningen nr. 11 - 2015)

Detecting and tracing farmed salmon with natural geo-element otolith ‘fingerprint’ tags: developing and validating tag delivery techniques.

2015.06.19 13:55

Condition monitoring 2014 – with focus on the Halten Bank area (Report from IMR no. 23-2015)

This report has been prepared by the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) on behalf of the offshore petroleum industry operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf as part of the authority requirements in the Health, Safety and Environmental regulation (Activity regulation). The condition monitoring shall document if fish from Norwegian ocean areas contain elevated levels of components that originate from discharges from the petroleum activity.

2016.11.07 12:26

Solving bottlenecks in triploid salmon production - a way to strengthen the sustainability of the salmon aquaculture industry (Report from IMR no 25-2015)

The current project aimed to study how triploid salmon are able to regulate their gene expressional out-put to a similar level as in diploids, and to elucidate the mechanisms involved in the induction of skeletal deformities and cataracts and the reduced thermal tolerance of triploid Atlantic salmon.

2016.11.07 10:39