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IMR - PINRO samarbeidsrapporter - 2013

IMR/PINRO no 1-2013: Fish investigations in the Barents Sea winter 2007-2012

Annual catch quotas and other regulations of the Barents Sea fisheries are set through negotiations between Norway and Russia. Assessment of the state of the stocks and quota advices are given by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES). Their work is based on survey results and international landings statistics. The results from the demersal fish winter surveys in the Barents Sea are an important source of information for the annual stock assessment.
2013.06.06 11:46
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IMR/PINRO nr. 2 - 2013 Atlas of the Barent Sea fishes based on the winter survey

This report is intended as a supplement to the “Atlas of the Barents Sea Fishes”(Wienerroither et al. 2011). The data used in the “Atlas of the Barents Sea Fishes” were gathered on the IMR-PINRO ecosystem survey (2004-2009). The maps presented in this supplement are based on data from February-March 2007-2012 that are gathered on the joint IMR PINRO winter survey.

2013.07.03 14:57
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