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IMR - PINRO samarbeidsrapporter - 2012

IMR/PINRO no 1 - 2012: Biological – Geological Seabed Mapping and Monitoring in the Barents Sea

There is a long-term goal to map the Russian and Norwegian waters in the Barents Sea in a joint Norwegian-Russian mapping program. This workshop is a part of the HAV 5 project with the aim to develop cooperative between Norway and Russia on mapping, and classifying of Nature Types in the Barents Sea.

2012.03.07 15:11
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IMR/PINRO Survey Report from the Joint Norwegian/Russian Ecosystem Survey in the Barents Sea, August – October 2012

The 9th joint survey (BESS) was carried out during the period 8th of August to 30th of September 2012. The survey plans and tasks were agreed upon at the annual IMR-PINRO Meeting in March 2012 and the almost joint collaborative tasks were executed according to this plan.

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