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Marine Research News - 2016

Tests to find “best practices” for purse seine release (IMR-news no. 2-2016)

Norwegian fishermen, fishery managers and researchers are working together to find the best way to release herring and mackerel from purse seine fishing gear, when needed. Trials are currently underway to investigate the functionality of “best practice” purse seine rigging and handling techniques during release operations.



2016.10.19 10:08

Norwegian development cooperation for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture (IMR-news no. 5-2016)

For more than 60 years, Norwegian fisheries development cooperation has contributed to development within the sector in a number of countries, including Namibia, Vietnam
and Thailand. Norway’s strong traditions in shipping and fishing made it natural that the very first Norwegian development project, established in 1952, was related to fisheries. The goal was to stimulate the development of the fisheries and associated community in the Indian state of Kerala. History has shown that this was achieved.

2016.10.19 11:06