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Marine Research News - 2013

Purse seine volume and shape impact crowding densities HI news no1 - 2013

Currently, the last moment at which mackerel can be slipped from a purse seine is when 7/8 of the net has been hauled in. However, experiments show that the size of the catch, as well as the volume of the net, strongly influence when the fish are so crowded that they will no longer survive slipping.

2013.02.19 09:54

Fish sampling by shooting a “mini-trawl” into the purse seine /IMR news no. 2 - 2013

When purse seining for pelagic species, it is often desirable to get a sample of the catch during the early phase of pursing. The Institute of Marine Research and SINTEF have now jointly developed a method that may revolutionise that sampling process: using a modified line thrower to shoot a mini-trawl into the purse seine.
2013.07.19 13:44

Cuba and Norway – two coastal states, one model / HI news no4 - 2013

lthough their coastal landscapes and climatic conditions are completely different, as coastal states Norway and Cuba have a lot in common. They are both facing a great deal of pressure on their coastlines and on the marine resources that can be found there. Both places the lobster is in particular need of action to reverse a steady decline in numbers.
2013.08.19 11:56

Cuba y Noruega – dos estados costeros, un modelo / HI news no 4 - 2013

A pesar de que sus paisajes costeros y las condiciones climáticas son completamente diferentes, como estados costeros Noruega y Cuba tienen mucho en
común. Ambos se enfrentan a una gran presión sobre sus costas y sobre los recursos marinos que en ellas se encuentran. En ambas zonas, existe una necesidad especial de acción con respecto al recurso langosta para revertir una declinación constante en sus poblaciones.
2013.08.19 12:05

Demand for Norwegian Aquaculture Competence in Southeast Asia / HI news no 5 - 2013

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) plays a central role within aquaculture research in Norway, as well as internationally. This is one of the reasons that an increasing number of Southeast Asian countries requests aquaculture cooperation projects with Norway.
2013.08.19 11:02

Norwegian development cooperation in fisheries / HI news no 6 - 2013

The very first Norwegian development project was a fisheries cooperation project with the Indian state of Kerala, initiated in 1952. During the 60 years that has passed, Norwegian fisheries development cooperation has contributed to development within the sector in a number of countries, including Namibia, Vietnam and Thailand.
2013.08.19 11:10