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Marine Research News - 2012

Nr 1, 2012: A productive start for new centre

In 2011, fishers and researchers could stand on the bridge of a fishing vessel and watch live video of the fish entering the trawl net. Trawl doors with adjustable hatches and a system that automatically identifies and sorts fish are two of the other innovations that have helped to give the CRISP centre a good start.

2012.03.13 10:54

Halibut grow slowly and undertake long migrations

A large proportion of young halibut are recaught close to where they are released, but some halibut also go on long journeys. It is possible that halibut undertake these feeding migrations before returning to their “childhood fjord” to spawn.

2012.07.12 10:02

Cod gillnets with a net panel reduce the king crab bycatch

Within its range, the king crab has become an increasing problem in gillnet fisheries for cod. Experiments show that skirts at the bottom of the gillnets significantly reduce the bycatch of king crab, but also slightly lower the catch rates of cod.

2012.08.09 12:16

Herring are not frightened by frigate sonar

The large stocks of Norwegian spring-spawning herring do not just feed millions of people, they also provide food for cod, seals, killer whales and sea birds. The Royal Norwegian Navy’s new frigates are equipped with powerful sonars, which could potentially disturb the herring. Fortunately, the herring don’t seem bothered.

2012.08.09 12:21