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Marine Research News - 2011

No:1 Ghana and Norway cooperate at sea

Ghana has been a partner in the Nansen programme since 1981 for development of sustainable fisheries. A few years ago, rich oil resources were found on Ghana’s continental shelf. Based on the experience from Norwegian waters, a cooperation with Ghana was initiated – to establish baselines for the environmental conditions in the oceans prior to the start of the offshore oil exploitation in Ghana.

2011.04.14 09:04

No. 4: Indonesia and Norway - Costal Nations in Cooperation

Based on sustainable development of their marine and fisheries resources, Indonesia is heading towards a leading role as an aquaculture nation. In an equal and committing Norwegian-Indonesian partnership Norway contributes in two main fields: Fisheries management and aquaculture.

2013.10.16 10:45

No. 8: The coastal model NorKyst-800 - a model of the currents along the whole Norwegian coast

The coastal model NorKyst-800 is a computer model that simulates variables such as currents, salinity and temperature along the whole Norwegian coast, at an 800 metre spatial resolution and at high temporal resolution. NorKyst-800 has been developed by the Institute of Marine Research, in collaboration with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NIVA.

2011.08.12 12:55
Coast and fjord

No. 11: Will sterile triploid cod save the cod farming industry?

In recent years, the cod farming industry has faced a steep uphill battle on account of poor profitability and, to some extent, a bad reputation due to a  large number of escapes. Meanwhile, the biological conditions for successful cod farming are constantly improving, and the market prospects are good if production costs can be kept down.

2011.08.18 10:23

No. 15: Ocean Acidification

The seas and oceans have absorbed more than a quarter of the CO2 released by industry. Ocean acidification occurs when such amounts of  CO2 dissolve in the water and are converted into acid (carbonic acid).

2012.01.13 10:22