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Fisken og havet - 2016

Set-up of the Nordic and Barents Seas (NoBa) Atlantis model (Fisken og havet nr. 2 - 2016)

End-to-end models are important tools when moving towards an ecosystem based approach to fisheries management. Atlantis is one such end-to-end model. Atlantis has been developed for several areas, including Australia, U.S., and European waters, and models for other areas are under development.

2016.04.06 14:34

Report on cruises and oceanographic stations 2015 (Fisken og havet no. 3-2016)

The report gives an overview of cruises in 2015 by the Institute of Marine Research and the University of Bergen, on board research vessels "G.O. Sars", "Johan Hjort", ”Håkon Mosby”, "G.M. Dannevig" and some hired commercial vessels.
2016.06.16 08:02

An Ecopath with Ecosim model of the Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea validated against time series of abundance (Fisken og havet no. 7-2016)

We here present a fitted and partly validated Ecopath with Ecosim model for the Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea. Ecopath mass-balance model parameters were obtained from the literature on Norwegian and Barents Sea organisms and from approximations. Predator-prey vulnerability parameters for Ecosim were fitted by driving a past state model balanced for the year 1950 from 1950 to 2000 and comparing the modelled biomass time series with series from VPA and acoustic surveys.

2016.12.19 10:11

Re-estimation of swept area indices with CVs for main demersal fish species in the Barents Sea winter survey 1994–2016 applying the Sea2Data StoX software (Fisken og havet nr. 10-2016)

The new Sea2Data software StoX was applied to re-estimate swept area indices with CVs for cod, haddock, golden redfish, beaked redfish, Norway redfish, Greenland halibut and blue whiting. Length and weight at age was also re-estimated for cod and haddock.
2017.09.14 12:36
Northeast arctic cod
Northeast Arctic Saithe
Northeast Arctic Haddock