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Administration and Service Department

The Administration and Service Department is responsible for most administrative tasks at IMR, supported by the local administrative units in the various stations and departments.

Principal objectives

  • Support the scientific activities of the Institute by ensuring best possible use of the Institute's total resources
  • Prepare, in collaboration with the departments, proposals for longterm plans, operational plans and budgets
  • Oversee and report on the Institute's total budget, economic projections and accounts
  • Supervise activities relating to personnel management
  • Supervise activities relating to the formulation of agreements and contracts


Head of Administration

55 23 69 04

Administation- and servicedepartement
P. box 1870 Nordnes
5817 Bergen

Visitor Adresse: Nykirkekaien 1

Tel: 55 23 85 00
Fax: 55 23 85 31