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Workshop in Applied Mathematical Modelling, Optimization & Uncertainty Quantification (WiMOpt2014)

The Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, and the Optimization Group of the Department of Informatics of the University of Bergen are organizing this workshop on applications of mathematical modelling, statistics and optimization in science and industry. Although there have been tremendous advances of applications of mathematical modelling and optimization to real-life problems over recent decades, there are still many open, unresolved challenges in several application areas.

This 3-day workshop seeks to provide a forum for the exchange and dissemination of new ideas on interdisciplinary research and serve to define and advance the state of the art of this topic.

Who should attend?

  • Engineers, researchers in fisheries, biology, biomedicine, ecology and scientists from various application areas with challenging modeling and optimization problems that require innovative solutions.
  • Mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists with interest in modeling and optimization, and who are either seeking new challenges or wish to shape future directions for research.

The aim is to create a forum which will stimulate interaction, networking, new ideas for future cooperation, including applications for joint research grants. The organizers welcome presentations on challenging research problems, recent findings, ideas and developments. Proposals for special sessions on any area of applied mathematical modelling and optimization are especially welcome.

Form of presentations:

  • New results and recent findings (20min)
  • Open problems and challenges (30min) - This is especially welcomed, given the aim of this workshop.

How to participate:

Those intending to participate without giving a presentation are encouraged to register as soon as possible since there is a limited number of corresponding places.

For participation at the workshop, submission of abstracts and proposals for special sessions, use the registration form on the left hand side of this page, or contact the organizers for further information.

There is no charge to attend the workshop.

Venue and Workshop dates:

Venue: IMR/UIB
Augustin Hotel, Bergen
Dates: NB! new date: 12-14 November 2014
Registration Deadline: 11 November 2014

Lead organizers: 
Jan-J. Rückmann
Samuel Subbey