Hopp til hovedteksten
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Lectures presented at the workshop

Jo Aarseth and Maria Fossheim,  “Introduction to the Fram Centre and to the ocean acidification flagship”

Charles T. Driscoll, “Effects of acid rain on sensitive forest and freshwater ecosystems: is the problem solved?”

Richard Bellerby, “Ocean acidification: background, recent observations and future scenarios”

Jason Hall-Spencer, “Use of natural CO2 gradients to evaluate effects of ocean acidification”

M. Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez , “Effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton”

Anne Todgham, “Predicting the impacts of ocean acidification: Using “omic” approaches to understand the physiological capacity of organisms to tolerate elevated CO2”

Sam Dupont, “Species-sensitivity and life-history strategies, from eco-physiology to evolution”

Jon Havenhand,  “Effects of OA on fertilization in marine invertebrates: a review and synthesis”

Norman Yan,  “Direct and indirect effects of Ca and P decline on the crustacean zooplankton populations of acid-sensitive, Shield lakes”

Haruko Kurihara, “The diverse response of marine organisms and ecosystems to ocean acidification”

Frode Kroglund, “Acid rain affects salmonid sea water survival: lessons learned from metal exposures in rivers and estuaries”

Philip Munday, “How does ocean acidification affect marine fishes?”

Antoine O.H.C. Leduc, “Freshwater acidification and the detection of chemical signals: a case study using wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)”

William Cheung,Projecting effects of ocean acidification on fish and fisheries”

Katrin Rehdanz, “Economic costs of ocean acidification: A look into the impacts on shellfish production”

NOTE: Lecture abstracts can be found  in the workshop program.