Hopp til hovedteksten
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Social events and tours

We are quickly approaching the venue in Bergen. We are now able to present our social events and farm tours in more detail. The last details of accurate times will in the final programme you will get arriving in Bergen.

Sunday 20 May (evening):

Guided tour of the Nordnes peninsula:
Authorized city guides will guide interested guests from Scandic Bergen City to IMR through the narrow streets and places of interest on the Nordnes peninsula. See Bergen’s shortest street (two houses), the witches stone and the convent. The first tour starts at 1730 and the next at 1745 from the venue hotel Bergen City.

Bergen Nordnes 1

Nordnes street

Bergen Nordnes 2

Nordnes street

Early registration and get together at Institute of Marine Research hosted by Pharmaq

The head office of the Institute of Marine Research lies in Bergen out on the Nordnes peninsula next to the Bergen Aquarium. We open our doors from 1800 for early registration and light refreshments. Attendants with talks next day will also be able to give in their talks to the secretariat. Hopefully the Bergen Aquarium will be open for us for a quick tour inside for 1830 to 1930.

IMR Bergen1

The Institute of Marine Research head office and our view of Bergen from front on April 30th 2012

IMR Bergen 2

The Institute of Marine Research head office at Nordnes street 50

Monday 21 May evening program

Guided tour of Bergen City ending on mount Fløien
Just after the conference ends the guided tours of Bergen will start touring central part of the city centre before guiding you in to the Fløien funicular for transport up to the viewing point and reception at Fløien Restaurant. The first group will probably leave the hotel at 1700.

Bergen Bryggen 1

Bryggen seen from across the water

Bergen Bryggen 2

Bryggen seen from “Zacken” 

Welcome Reception at Mount Fløien

From 1830 Reception Fløien Restaurant with light refreshments. Access to mount Fløien is either by walking or by the funicular. Because of our number the funicular are running more often but it will still take some time before we all are at the top. This reception will therefore be informal and people will just arrive when possible. We will issue tickets at the starting point of Fløibanen.

Fløibanen – funicular

Fløibanen – funicular  starting point 

The Ole Torrissen “Vidden” Challenge by night

The best view of Bergen and the “best tour ever” in the eye of Bergen people is traversing “Vidden”. (Vidde means high plain or plateau). This means walking from mount Fløien to mount Ulriken where you can take a cable car down. Ole Torrissen challenges you to take the tour with him. This means bringing proper hiking shoes and water proof clothes. The tour itself doesn’t include climbing but you need to be in proper shape (approx 4 hours).

Ole Torrissen

Ole Torrissen caught in full gear for biking home after work

Mount Fløyen and Ulriken

Mount Fløien and Ulriken 

Check out the view from Ulriken just now

Check out the description for taking the tour from Ulriken to Fløyen

Tuesday 22 May evening program

The Conference banquet starts at 1900 in the venue hotel and requires a ticket.

Thursday 24 Optional tours

the tours will go ahead if a minimum of 10 participants have booked)

IMR Marine station in Austevoll, marine fish

Austevoll Research Station does research in breeding of marine fish (halibut, cod, scallops, wrasse). The tour goes from Bergen with bus including a ferry to get over to the Austevoll islands.


IMR Marine station in Austevoll, marine fish

IMR Marine station in Matre, salmonid fish

Matre Research Station does research in breeding salmonid fish. In 2006, the Research Station has been totally modernised with new water supplies, new and better experimental facilities and new analytical laboratories. The station is situated in Matredal, 80 km north of Bergen.


IMR Marine station in Matre, salmonid fish

Visit Hardanger salmon farm including guided tour of the Hardanger fjord.

We are still working on finalizing a tour to a salmon farm within the Hardanger fjord.

Hardanger fjord

From the Hardanger fjord

Touristic tours you might want to consider on your own

Check out the possibilities in and around Bergen

Bergen 3

Bergen is the perfect place to buy rain gear. Here Aksdal established in 1883.




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