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Submission procedures for symposium special volume

As part of the scientific legacy of the Johan Hjort Symposium, a special volume of the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences will be published. The guest editors of this volume are Olav Kjesbu, Tara Marshall, Richard Nash and Svein Sundby. 

Submissions are now invited. Submissions will only be considered from authors who gave oral or poster presentations at the symposium. However, registered attendees at the symposium who did not present may also be eligible to submit a manuscript for consideration provided that it fits into the scientific themes of the symposium and there is available space in the special issue.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences in the usual fashion (see instructions to authors). The covering letter should clearly indicate that the manuscript is to be considered for publication in the special volume of Hjort Symposium papers.

Tara Marshall should also be informed about the submission. The manuscript will be peer reviewed, consistent with standards and practices used by CJFAS. Additionally, manuscripts should ensure that the terminology and abbreviations used in their manuscripts conforms to standardised terminology given here.

The deadline for all submissions is 1 February 2015. A tight schedule will be adhered to in order to achieve our publication aim of December 2015.
If there are questions please contact one of the guest editors.

Download standardised terminology