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Johan Hjort Symposium on Recruitment Dynamics and Stock Variability 7-9 October 2014, Bergen, Norway

The Hjort Symposium was attended by 130 participants from 23 countries across the world. Their expertise covered a broad range of disciplines of marine research, ranging from fundamental biology via stock assessment methodology to large scale oceanographic modeling, making it possible within this symposium to address recent progresses made within several of those novel theories postulated by Dr Hjort 100 years ago. A special funding program was included to stimulate participation from early career members of this research community, both within and outside Europe. In line with Hjort’s classical 1914 book, the six single sessions were run consecutively to make it possible to integrate knowledge across themes to better address in a holistic way this challenging field of research. 

On the 100 year anniversary of Johan Hjort's book "Fluctuations in the Great Fisheries of Northern Europe"  Bergen will be the host of the Johan Hjort Symposium on Recruitment Dynamics and Stock Variability.
This Symposium aims to summarise international state-of-the-art science on the topic of recruitment dynamics and stock variability in different waters.
We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (CJFAS) will publish a special volume of articles based on a selection of presentations (oral and poster) given at the symposium.
This special volume will be edited by the symposium co-convenors and steering committee leader.

Manuscripts to be considered for publication in the volume must be submitted before 1 February 2015 and must conform to normal standards for publication in CJFAS.
It would be possible to begin submitting the manuscript to CJFAS on 6 October 2014, i.e. on the first day of the symposium. 


7 -9 October 2014
(the Reception is on 6 October).