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Oral and Poster presentations guidance

Guidence for giving an oral presentation

Participants giving oral presentations are requested to read the instructions and information

Format and duration of presentations

Visual aids for oral presentations must be in PowerPoint format. No other visual aid equipment will be provided.
Oral presentations will be a maximum of 20 minutes in duration including time for introduction and questions, except for:
• Keynote speakers at the start of each theme, which will be 40 minutes, and
• Introductory and Final lectures which will be 45 minutes (including question time).

NB. Speakers are encouraged to talk for less than the times specified above to allow time for questions, and speakers should note that under no circumstances will they be allowed to exceed the maximum time given. Speakers will be signalled when they have 5 minutes remaining.

Award for oral presentations

An award will be made for the best student oral presentation (MARS-awards).

Instructions for submitting your PowerPoint presentation

You must turn in your PowerPoint presentation (USB stick) to the Speaker Preparation Desk 24 hours in advance of your presentation time. If you arrive later than 24 hours in advance, please take your presentation to the Speaker Prep Desk as soon as you arrive.

Name the file with your presentation as follows: (1) session theme, (2) the day and (3) your surname, example: “Theme 2-Wed-Moy”


Instruction for Poster
Maximum poster size is: 100 cm x 70 cm (height and width)
We encourage you to mount the poster during the first day in the poster room ”Lille Torungen”.

Award for Poster presentations

An award will be made for the best student poster presentation (MARS-awards).

The 47th European Marine Biology Symposium

Arendal, Norway, 3 – 7 September 2012
Hosted by:
the institute of Marine Research, Norway
Venue: Arendal kulturhus