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Geir Lasse Taranger

Telefon: 901 11 596
Besøksadresse: Nordnesgaten 50, Bergen

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Forskningsdirektør Akvakultur, marint miljø og teknologi

Akvakulturforskning og rådgivning, akvakultur risikovurderinger, kjønnsmodning hos fisk, fiskevelferd, miljøfaktorer, oppdrettsmiljø, steril fisk

Curriculum Vitae

Name:   Taranger, Geir Lasse
Birth date:   23.11.1961, at Austevoll, Norway
Civil state:   Married, three children (14, 19 and 24 years)
Position:   Research Director Aquaculture, Marine Environment and Technology, Institute of Marine Research (IMR), P.O. Box 1870 Nordnes, 5817 Bergen, NORWAY

Summary: More than 25 years experience in aquaculture research, fish reproductive physiology, fish welfare, environmental control of reproduction, smoltification and somatic growth in fish.

Qualified as professor in Aquaculture at University of Bergen, and Principal Scientist (1183 research professor) at IMR in 2001.

Main research interest: aquaculture, environmental and hormonal regulation of puberty and spawning in fish, sterile fish, fish welfare, marine genomics, aquaculture risk assessments.

Scientific referee publications (2006-present)
ISI statistics (Nov 15):  76 papers, 2434 citations, H-index: 31

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Awarded for outstanding research for the benefit of Norwegian aquaculture (EWOS, Norway), together with Tom Hansen and Sigurd O. Stefansson in 1995 (Use of photoperiod treatment in salmon farming).

Awarded from ICES for the service as co-convener with Olav S. Kjesbu and Ed Trippel of the ICES symposium “Gadoid mariculture: Development and Future challenges”, Os, 2004.