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Øystein Skaala

Phone: 476 27 878

Works with

• Environmental impact from aquaculture; gene flow from escaped farmed salmon to wild salmon, tracing the origin of unreported escapees, salmonlice

• The ecosystem of the Hardangerfjord (EPIGRAPH)

• National salmon fjords and -rivers; evaluation of management means and mitigation efforts

• The field station of the Institute of Marine Research in the Hardangerfjord

• Population genetics in salmonid fishes

• Seatrout; sea survival, spawning populations and recruitment


Curriculum Vitae

Dr.scient. from the Institute of Fisheries and Marine Biology, University of Bergen, 1992.
Title of thesis: Genetic variability in brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) and the application of genetic markers in studies on gene flow.

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