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Managing Director Sissel Rogne

Sissel Rogne

Phone: 907 32 123

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Sissel Rogne is the Managing Director of the Institute of Marine Research. She took up her position in January 2016. The Institute of Marine Research is Europe’s second largest marine research institution. Rogne previously led the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, and her experience includes ten years in medical research and ten years in agricultural and aquaculture research. She obtained a professorship in biotechnology in 1992, after taking a degree in cell biology and a PhD in molecular genetics. She has been a member of a wide range of boards and committees in the field of research and development, both in Norway and internationally.

Contact information for the Institute of Marine Research

Institute of Marine Research

P. O. Box 1870 Nordnes

5817 Bergen
55 23 85 00

Street address: Nordnesgaten 50 
Delivery address: 
Nordnesgaten 50
5005 Bergen

Tromsø Department

P.O Box 6404

9294 Tromsø
55 23 85 00

Street address: Sykehusveien 23, 9019 Tromsø

Flødevigen Research Station

Nye Flødevigveien 20

4817 His
55 23 85 00
Matre Research Station
5984 Matredal
55 23 85 00
Austevoll Research Station
5392 Storebø
55 23 85 00