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Geir Ottersen

Phone: 410 47 374
Visiting address: I'm 100% employed by IMR, but with permanent place of work at CEES, Centre of ecological and evolutionary synthesis, Institute of Biosciences, P.O. box 1066 Blindern NO-0316 Oslo, Norway

Works with

Climate impacts on cod, herring... 

Population dynamics

Ecology, interaction between species

Integrated management plans

Curriculum Vitae

Employed at IMR since 1989, now principal scientist (1183 corresponds to full professor)

Member of the core group at the CEES Centre of Excellence at the University of Oslo.

Homepage at CEES:


Author of 50 peer reviewed journal articles (as of June 2013).

Co-author of 2 books, contributed to chapters  in several others.

Dr scient. Oceanography 1996

Master in statistics 1988

For full CV see http://folk.uio.no/gotterse//CV%20Ottersen%20June%202013.pdf

Research gate:

Web of knowledge ("ISIbase"):