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Esben Moland Olsen

Telefon: 94 28 85 05

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My primary research interest is the study of life history variation, such as growth and survival rates, age and size at maturation, and matenal effects on offspring quality. In what ways do such traits respond to human-induced and natural environmental changes? Are contemporary phenotypic changes purely ecological, or could they also represent evolutionary responses? Further, on what spatial scales are such processes operating? In my current position I work on coastal cod and lobster in Skagerrak, southern Norway. The work on coastal cod focus on assessing variability in maturation patterns and harvest mortality, including harvest selection and the impact of recreational fishing versus commerical fishing. The work on lobster focus on maternal effects on offspring quality, and the potential of marine protected areas for countering negative effects of fishing on population density and life history complextity. I am also involved in a project where we study environmental influences and life history influences on the stock-recruitment relationhip in North Sea cod.