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Richard Nash

Telefon: 480 36 416
Besøksadresse: Institute of Marine Research Nordnesgaten 33/PB 1870 Nordnes 5817 Bergen Norway Office phone: +47 48036416

Arbeider med

Marine Ecology (fish and fisheries) – have worked in many different areas of marine biology (including a short stop over in Limnology – Lake Michigan). Started with the behavioural ecology of small demersal burrowing fish in British waters. Have worked with fish community ecology in the Oslofjord and the Azores, early life history dynamics in the Great Lakes, distribution of organisms using traditional capture techniques and acoustics on the north wall of the Gulf Stream, acoustic assessments of herring in the Gulf of Maine and UK waters, flatfish nursery ground dynamics in UK waters and stock discrimination techniques again in UK waters.

Currently my research covers the following areas:
• The dynamics of flatfish nursery grounds
• Stock discrimination for herring
• Early life history dynamics of commercially exploited fish stocks
• Stock Reproductive Potential of cod and herring.


Fish life-history dynamics; population ecology; stock reproductive potential; recruitment processes; Irish sea; North Sea; Barents/Norwegian Seas; plaice; herring; cod; non-commercial species.

Curriculum Vitae


BSc (Marine Biology) University College Swansea, UK, 1977
PhD (Fish ecology) University of Glasgow, UK. University Marine Biological Station and Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory (CASE institution), 1980


1981 82 Post-doctoral researcher. Royal Society of London, European Science Exchange Programme, to University of Oslo, Norway. Research: The effects of eutrophication on demersal fish communities in the Oslofjord.
1982 84 Post-doctoral researcher. Wisconsin Sea Grant, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Research: Species interactions and early life history dynamics of forage fish in Lake Michigan.
1983 86 Post-doctoral researcher. Office of Naval Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Research: Acoustical techniques for the study of nekton and zooplankton at water type boundaries and ocean fronts.
1986 87 Faculty Associate - University of Maine, Orono, USA.
1986-90 Partner - Mainely Fish, Research, Searsport, Maine, USA.
1987 Adjunct Faculty - Unity College, Unity, Maine, USA.
1988-00 Lecturer - Port Erin Marine Laboratory, University of Liverpool, UK.
2000-04 Senior Lecturer - Port Erin Marine Laboratory, University of Liverpool, UK.
2003-04 Sabbatical year at the Institute for Fisheries and Marine Biology (Department of Biology), University of Bergen, Norway.
2005- Institute of Marine Research, Bergen

NMA Advanced Course:

Course leader. Nursery ground ecology: Methods of study and analysis. Bergen, Norway. 1-10th August 2009.

Recent publications (2005 to present):

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