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Jonatan Nilsson

Telefon: 928 82 857
Besøksadresse: C.Sunds gt. 64, 5817 Bergen

Arbeider med

Researcher in research group Animal welfare. 

My major research interest is fish behaviour and welfare, with main focus on learning and cognitive abilities of fish.  

Curriculum Vitae


PhD, September 2008: University of Bergen/Institute of Marine Research. Title of thesis: "Learning and anticipatory behaviour in cod and halibut"

Cand. Scient. (M.Sc.) in marine biology, June 2004. University of Bergen/Institute of Marine Research. Research project: “Acoustic behaviour of spawning cod (Gadus morhua L.)”.

Cand. mag. with main field of the study in biology – aquatic ecology, December 2001, University of Tromsø

Publications in scientific journals and books

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