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Even Moland

Even Moland

Phone: 930 50 815
Visiting address: Havforskningsinstituttet Flødevigen Nye Flødevigvei 20 4817 His

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My research interests span across several disciplines in marine science, from behavioural ecology of aquatic organisms to fisheries biology. I did my first scientific work on ecology and evolution of mimicry in coral reef fishes, supervised by Prof. Geoffrey P. Jones (James Cook University, Australia), one of the masters of field experimentation. This work was formative for me in the sense that I have developed a firm belief in the potential and value of properly designed (field) experiments. In my PhD (Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, University of Oslo) I focused on conservation biology of European lobster in marine reserves context. Under the broad marine conservation biology umbrella, I am interested in effects of restoring ‘natural’ age and size structure in harvested populations on reproduction, recruitment and survival. Additionally, I am interested in the study of marine animal movement behaviours and habitat selection in relation to life stage and survival, and its bearings on marine reserve- / MPA design. At present, my research is focused on European lobster and coastal Atlantic cod. In the future I will extend my research on marine reserves to effects beyond their borders (spillover and recruitment effects). As a scientific diver I value SCUBA diving as a versatile and useful research tool in marine ecology.

Curriculum Vitae

Academic degrees

2010: PhD University of Oslo, Norway. Thesis: ‘Ecology of European lobster in marine reserves context: implications for conservation biology’.

2003: Master of Applied Science (tropical marine ecology and fisheries biology), James Cook University, Townsville, Australia. Thesis: ‘An experimental test of a mimic-model relationship between two coral reef fishes’.

2001: Cand Mag (BSc equivalent) marine biology, University of Bergen, Norway.

2000: Aquaculture Candidate (3-year programme) Sogn & Fjordane University College, Norway. Thesis: ‘Pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera), biology and cultivation in the Seychelles’.

Peer-reviewed publications

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