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Odd Aksel Bergstad

Phone: 905 39 902

Works with

Ecology of fish communities. Population biology and ecology of long-lived deep-water fishes.
Experienced PI of many cruises on Norwegian research vessels, 1985-.

PI of MAR-ECO (”Patterns and Processes of the ecosystems of the northern Mid-Atlantic”) , a field project of the Census of Marine Life (2001-2010).

Scientific adviser on deepwater fisheries and area management, especially in international fora (ICES, NEAFC,NAFO, SEAFO, FAO, OSPAR). 

Curriculum Vitae

Odd Aksel Bergstad, 21.3.1956

Dr. scient., 1989 University of Bergen; Cand. Scient. 1983, Univ.i Bergen; Graduate school, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1980/81; Cand. Mag. 1980.

Stipendiat, Univ. i Bergen 1984-1989; Research Fellow, Norwegian Research Council 1989/90; Scientist, Univ. Bergen 1990-91; Senior and principal scientist, Institute of Marine Research 1991- (Forsker 1183).
Extended research visits to Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory, Scotland  (1989/90) and CEFAS Lowestoft Laboratory, England (1999/2000)

Around 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals, proceedings and books. Numerous reports, popular articles, presentations, and chapters in popular books.

Member of editorial board of Sarsia (1996-2005) and Marine Biodiversity (2008-).

2004 Norwegian Research Council Award for Excellence in Communication of Science.
2004 Institute of Marine Research Prize for Public Science Dissemination.
2006 EU Descartes Prize, Laureate for Excellence in Science Communication, category “Innovative actions in science communication”.

External supervisor for Cand. scient./M.S. students (University of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, Univ. Glasgow), and Dr. scient./PhD students (University of Bergen, the Azores, Aberdeen).