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Demersal seine
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Two IMR projects nominated for innovation award

Stiftelsen Nor-Fishing har annonsert kandidatene til innovasjonsprisen de deler ut under årets fiskerimesse i Trondheim i august. To av tre nominerte er prosjekter på Havforskningsinstituttet. 

Scantrol Deep Vision is one of the innovations developed through Centre for sustainable harvesting, CRISP. The camera system Deep Vision is about to be launched on the market. 
The jury’s evaluation is as follows:  
“This technology can also make important contributions to a more ethical fishing and environmentally acceptable management of ocean resources. The system is expected to have a major impact on international marine research as well as commercial fishing operations.” 
- Those of us involved in CRISP have long seen the potential of the Deep Vision system. It is about time the rest of the world become aware of this product, says CRISP leader Aud Vold.
Catch monitoring in demersal seine
The other nomination is a method for controlling catch quantity in the demersal seine fisheries, developed in a project led by Olafur Ingolfsson at IMR. The aim has been to enable fishermen to limit their catches of fish to quantities they have capacity to handle.
"This is important to the fishermen as well as fish buyers with regard to quality and price, as well as health, environment and safety considerations. The limitation of the catch is achieved by having openings at the side of the net, which let excess fish out when the catch limit has been reached. It is an important objective to achieve higher survival (live catch) both for the fish caught and for the fish that is returned to the sea." So says the jury regarding the second nomination. 
Norwegian Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg will present the Award to the winners at the opening of Nor-Fishing 2016.