Hopp til hovedteksten
Cruise participants
Cruise participants onboard R/V G.O. Sars
Photo: IMR
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Mission Accomplished — yet another successful cruise!

Cruise diary: During the course of two weeks the biology and geology was mapped at 73 locations along the shelf edge west of the town Sandnessjøen  at depths ranging between 220 and 760 meters. At 14 of these sites, a total of 83 bottom samples were collected using grabs, cores, sleighs, and beam trawls. At all sites the seafloor was investigated and documented using the Chimaera video rig (Chimaera is the Latin name for the rabbit fish/rat fish).

Video images are particularly useful to classify the seafloor in various natural environments. Identifying biotopes and habitat types provides a useful framework to determine biodiversity, biological production, and the ocean floor’s food web. Deep ocean habitats are still not well understood in many Norwegian waters, but studies conducted by MAREANO (Marine AREA database for NOrwegian coastal and sea areas) have provided an overview of how the sea floor habitats should be categorized in areas mapped thus far.

Presently, all bottom samples and videos have been sent to the labs where they will be analyzed. When results are in, reports on many new and exciting discoveries will be forthcoming.