Hopp til hovedteksten
Svein Sundby in Brussels
Photo: Ingunn Bakketeig
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IMR met with Brussels

With a strategic goal to continue to be a key player in European marine research in the future, the Institute of Marine Research set up an event in Norway House in Brussels 20 October. The intention was to meet with collaborators and decision makers in Europe to inform and discuss common challenges.

Under the headline “New frontiers for blue growth”, Institute of Marine Research delivered a broad presentation of our key research fields. On the agenda were both biology and technology, development cooperation and aquaculture together with climate and polar research. Presentations from the seminar can be read here.

-Blue Growth is a key topic in Europe. We have a joint goal of increasing the understanding of the ocean and the opportunities that exist there. The list of participants shows that we probably hit our target audience, says a very pleased research director, Erlend Moksness.

The response we have had afterwards shows that the interest in what we do and the wish to strengthen cooperation is strong. We note that the meeting is mentioned on several web sites.

Development cooperation is an area where EU and Norway can profit from better coordination. Among others, data collected by Dr. Fridtjof Nansen is valuable also in projects financed by EU in for example in northwest Africa. EU and Norway will continue to share knowledge and cooperate on development in this area.