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News archive - June

Published: 26.06.2015 - Updated: 15.09.2015

Research Council of Norway awards NOK 60 million to LoVe

The Research Council of Norway has awarded NOK 60 million to the Institute of Marine Research for its ocean observatory LoVe located off the Lofoten and Vesterålen islands. The Institute is also involved in two other projects that have been awarded NOK 110 million in total. 
Published: 12.06.2015 - Updated: 15.06.2015
Marine snow-storm

Deep sea snow storm in the Barents Sea

While sending the video-platform Chimaera towards the bottom of the Barents Sea (250–300 m), we see a large amount of particles swirling through the water like snow. The large particles are observed from tenfold of meters above the seabed and down to the seafloor.

Published: 10.06.2015 - Updated: 15.06.2015
Sea anemone

The Barents Sea surveys continue

MAREANO's first cruise of 2015 set sail from Tromsø last Friday bound for the new Norwegian area of the Barents Sea. Sixteen scientists and technicians will spend the next two weeks onboard the research vessel G.O. Sars, investigating one of the world's richest seas. The benthic environment and faunal communities over an area of 12 000 km2 is to be sampled while a total of 44 line kilometers across 60 sites will be filmed with high resolution video.