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News archive - September

Published: 25.09.2014 - Updated: 08.10.2014

Ice-covered seas do not need to be cold

Much ice on the sea surface does not mean that the sea is cold. North of Svalbard we saw ice and melt water on the sea surface, while we measured seven degrees at 30 meters depth. During the first cruise in the project SI_Arctic, cod was the fish species caught the most places. Between the ice-free areas in the Fram Strait and the ice covered areas north of Svalbard there were clear differences in species and quantity of plankton, fish and marine mammals.

Published: 05.09.2014
Typisk hardbunnslokalitet langs Finnmarkskysten

Another successful MAREANO cruise finished

MAREANO's last biology-geology-pollution mapping cruise this season is finished, and once more we have had good weather in the Barents Sea. Thus, we have finished all cruise activities that were planned for this year, in addition to making a small start on next year's tasks.

Published: 04.09.2014 - Updated: 05.09.2014

Biological postcards letter from Finnmark and the Barents Sea

This newsletter has been written by all the biologists onboard the G.O.Sars at the last biogy and geology cruise in 2014. Each biologist has picked her favourite photo from the work on this cruise, and they have written a story for that picture.  There are many different voices here, this reflects both the diversity we see in the benthic communities – and the diversity among the biologists.

Published: 01.09.2014
Annual meeting in Norwegian Fisheries Forum 2014

Fisheries management and conservation of biodiversity – Same matter or a contradiction?

Is managing living marine resources compatible with the conservation of biodiversity – or are the two tasks separate streams never to meet? The question was frequently asked, yet not fully answered during the seminar “Aquatic resources and food for the future” hosted by the Norwegian Fisheries Forum.

Published: 01.09.2014 - Updated: 02.09.2014
 Fig 6: Spiral tubeworms and hermit crab on bedrock

A mosaic of habitats on the Finnmark coast

700 meters is almost as long as twice around a sport-field. It is also the length of one MAREANO video-transect. Sometimes (or in some areas?) all 700 meters will look much the same, but other times we observe large variations along the line. This is the story about a transect with lots of changes.