Hopp til hovedteksten
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Photo: Kjartan Mæstad
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Interested in the Oceans?

70 % of the earth is covered by sea. This makes marine science an international scientific field. More than 600 of the world’s marine scientists come to Bergen next week (17-21 September). You are invited to meet with several of them!

Thursday 20 September at 7 PM you are invited to Scandic Bergen City to join in for a “different” evening:

19:15-20:15: A spectacular poster-competition evening session in pecha-kucha style,
by Sarah Kraak, Ireland

20:15-20:35: What is the new generation of ICES science communication and advice?
by Dorothy Dankel, Norway

20:35-20:55: Why should students be interested in marine science and ICES? or What can ICES offer students? and Why do ICES need young scientists?
by a number of people old stalwarts of ICES given 3 minutes to explain how they got into ICES from a student level and how they progress their career through ICES.

20:55-21:15: Questions to and from students and young scientists.
Take a look at the science events in Bergen and become an ICES scientist.
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Many students are introduced to ICES through these conferences, and in many instances this introduction leads to a long life on engagement in working groups and other ICES activities.

Posters are often an importance entrance into scientific conferences. But how can you make a poster that attracts the attention that you are looking for. In this special evening session we will run a special interactive poster competition, which is focussed on making posters that stick. Following the poster event, we will discuss the need for a student/ young scientist ICES group. Our starting point is the need to facilitate the engagement of new generations of scientists in the oldest, largest and most active marine science organisation in the world.

The special evening session is open to everyone and we serve food too!


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