Hopp til hovedteksten

News archive - September

Published: 27.09.2010
Figure 1

Investigating the shallow areas of Lopphavet in Troms

MAREANO has completed the mapping at Troms III outside of Arnøya, located in Lopphavet in Troms, and is now steaming southwards to Nordland VI, at the southern tip of Lofoten.

Published: 14.09.2010 - Updated: 30.09.2010
King crab with acoustic tag.

Listening out for king crabs

In Porsangerfjorden in Finnmark, 26 king crabs are wandering around the sea bottom with acoustic tags fixed to their legs. 14 buoys with acoustic receiver record continuously any signals transmitted by the tagged crabs. Preliminary results indicate  that access to food and reproductive considerations govern the crabs’ movements.

Published: 10.09.2010 - Updated: 30.09.2010
Red King Crab

Counting king crabs on video

Preliminary results from this year’s crab survey in Finnmark suggest that there are fewer large king crabs than previously observed. This year, in order to obtain a more reliable estimate of the size of the population, scientists started using underwater video cameras to increase the number of areas observed.