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An octopus from the MAR-ECO exhibition.
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“Deeper than Light” opens at the Smithsonian

The exhibition “Deeper than Light” showcases results from the IMR-lead MAR-ECO project. The exhibition opens at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC on February the 20th.

By Jo Høyer

The exhibition will be displayed at the Smithsonian from February the 20th to May the 23rd.
Having toured European venues for two years, the exhibit invites the visitors to experience the unknown world and discoveries from the deep sea by presenting deep sea animals, art, images, films, models and interactive displays.


The exhibition is a result of the MAR-ECO project where researchers from several countries have studied marine life along the mid-Atlantic Ridge. In 2004 the project conducted a two-month expedition to the Mid Atlantic on the RV G.O. Sars. Several other cruises followed, including a 2009 US voyage on FRV Henry Bigelow.  MAR-ECO contributed significant new information on mid-ocean biodiversity and won European and Norwegian awards for its original and extensive public outreach activity combining science, technology, and art.  MAR-ECO is an element of the global research program Census of Marine Life which started in year 2000 and is due to conclude this year.


In connection with the exhibition there will be a roundtable discussion on Thursday February 18th: Collaboration in Ocean Sciences – importance of US-Norway and international networks. This seminar will be held for invited participants at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington.

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