Hopp til hovedteksten
Arve Kristiansen (Institute of Marine Research), Trygve Poppe (Natioanl Veterinary institute) and Nina Sandlund (Institute of Marine Research) have taken part in the cruises searching for fish carrying VHS-virus.
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Searching for viruses along the coast

This week, the research vessel  “Håkon Mosby” completed a cruise along the Norwegian coast from Stad to Trøndelag. Scientists from the Institute of Marine Research, and the National Veterinary institute sampled fish which are to be further analyzed for the presence of VHS-virus. This virus can cause high mortality, both in wild and cultured fish populations.

In 2007, VHS-virus was found in Storfjorden at Sunnmøre, causing an outbreak of the disease Viral Haemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) in rainbow trout farms in the area. This area was particularly investigated during the cruise.

The first cruise, from Tanafjorden to Haltenbanken, with the research vessel “Jan Mayen”took place in September-October. So far, a total of 1650 fish have been sampled, and the screening for VHS-virus has just been initiated at the National Veterinary institute.


Brain tissue from rainbow trout, showing infection and presence of VHS-virus. The red colour demonstrates immunohistological staining of VHS-virus.

Photo: Dr. Renate Johansen, National Veterinary institute, Norway

Further work

Further work in the project will include molecular biological studies of virus isolates, studies of the development of disease, and epidemiological studies. Experimental studies will also been carried out, partly in collaboration with Scottish and Danish collaborating scientists, including the Reference Laboratory of the European Union, in Århus, Denmark.