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Photo: Marie Hauge
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PhD from the cold and rainy north

Namibian Hilkka Ndjaula has spent six years in rainy Bergen in Norway. It has resulted in a PhD in fisheries and a taste for Norwegian food.

By Marie Hauge

The 33 year old from Ohaingu recently finished her PhD at the Institute of Marine Research in Norway, situated in the north peak of Europe.

First woman

Hilkka Ndjaula is the first Namibian woman to receive a PhD from the long lasting cooperation between Norway and Namibia on different issues concerning sustainable management of marine resources.

In the PhD she studies reproductive traits and recruitment variability of pelagic fish resources. Hilkka Ndjaula is especially interested in vulnerable and highly exploited fish species. In her work Hilkka Ndjaula has combined experimental approaches and time series analyses. The analyses have been quite demanding, but Hilkka Ndjaula has finished her thesis without delays.

Worked in Lüderitz

Bergen is the second largest town in Norway and known for its rainy weather. Put together Hilkka Ndjaula has been studying in Bergen for six years. Before she returned to Norway to take her PhD in 2006, Hilkka Ndjaula worked at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in Lüderitz.

Having worked intensively these three last years, Hilkka Ndjaula has had less time to travel in Norway and Europe compared to her first stay. But working on her PhD has not kept her out of the kitchen. The marine researcher has grown very fond of traditional Norwegian food and is looking forward to serve her family back home typical local dishes of smoked and salted meat. Her favorite is however “lefse”, a traditional kind of thin cake with cinnamon and sugar spread, made from very old recipes.

Read the presentation of Hilkka O.N. Ndjaulas thesis  
"Reproductive traits and recruitment variability of pelagic fish resources: combining experimental approaches and time series analyses"